Single Parent Adventures

We are delighted that you have come across this page, and you guessed it, we are single parents, blended families, and everything in between, and we are obsessed with Single Parent Adventures. It would be appropriate for us to define our interpretation of adventure;

An experience with a perceived element of risk, and dare we say, danger. A place or space where our attention is captivated by naturally beautiful surroundings. And above all, the opportunity to connect with those, who often pay the price of for us to be ‘professional’ single parents.

We live in a country with a considerable number of single parent households, and understand the pressures and stresses associated with being a single parent. In the case of moms with boys, it could be the desire to share adventures with them, for dads and girls, it could simply be trying to connect with them emotionally. We are by no means psychologists, or family therapists, we are simply people who live for family adventures, and in our case most are as single parents.

The challenges of being a single parent

“Where to start”, we hear your collective response, and yes, but lets not lament about what we all know already. let’s have a look at some of the social implications, and those with which we live. We have been able to reduce these to a few points, which are by no means exhaustive;

  • What to do with the kids – This is a frequent conundrum, after we’ve done almost every attraction in towns and cities, trying to keep our children busy.
  • How do avoid going out of my mind – As we sit in awkward isolation, busying ourselves with the phone, ipad, or news paper, over a bottomless cup of coffee, while the kids return to another adventure theme park.
  • Longing for some adult conversation – Intimacy seems a distant thought, we’d be happy with some friendly adult conversation, that would be a great start.

The opportunities of being a single parent

Single Parent Adventures is the ideal start point for ‘professional’ single parents, yours is a challenging role, with the demands of work increasing. Inevitably time with kids is expensed, feeding this time and energy hungry occupation, we call work.

It is nothing new that adventure travel is the fastest growing travel segment in the world, and this presents an almost endless list of adventures of within South Africa and abroad. There has never been a better time to get your family away from the trappings of modern urban living, and join others for who have exactly the same needs and wants as you.

Single Parent Adventures arranges and manages adventures for groups of varying sizes, meeting the challenges of being a single parent.