Adventure Scale

The Single Parent Adventures adventure scale is intended to categorise the ‘levels’ of adventure as accurately as possible, to assist our guests in selecting their own level of comfort. The term adventure will always have its own personal definition, and what may be an extreme adventure for some, may be little more than casual outing for others. It is important to note that our scale is created within the context of families, that is to say, an extreme adventure remains an adventure suited to families of all types.

The scale is largely intended to describe logistics, activities, and level of exertion, and does not consider hospitality inclusions and exclusions.


Single Parent Adventure - Level 1
Single Parent Adventure - Level 2
Single Parent Adventure - Level 3
Single Parent Adventure - Level 4
Single Parent Adventure - Level 5

It is important to note that whilst every effort is made to moderate the levels of risk associated with adventure travel by Single Parent Adventures, a fair degree of common sense must prevail on the part of guests. Single Parent Adventures, its directors, management, staff, suppliers, associates, either jointly or severally will not accept any loss or damage of what ever nature, how so ever caused.