All you need to know about booking a single parent adventure

Single Parent Adventures is a company which arranges and managers adventures, and in some cases, depending on adventure requirements, company representatives will be on hand to co-ordinate and direct our guest experience.


It is important to note that upon confirmation of your booking, Single Parent Adventures in turns confirms your participation with one or more service providers. The commercial terms and conditions surrounding the business relationships between Single Parent Adventures and our service providers is such that a booking may not be cancelled or postponed, and in the event that your booking is cancelled for what ever reason, your booking will be subject to a fee of 90% of the total booking fee. Single Parent Adventures will in all instances attempt to re-sell your booking, and assuming that this is possible, 90% of your total booking fee will be refunded upon completion of the adventure.


Step 1. In the event that several dates are available, you need to decide on your preferred dates.

Step 2. Contact Single Parent Adventures by email to establish availability for your preferred dates, number of guests and ages for guests under the age 18 and 12.

Step 3. You will receive a booking enquiry status from Single Parent Adventures. Your preferred dates could be; available, booked, or on hold. In the event that your dates are on hold, this would suggest that the dates have been provisionally booked, but a deposit has not yet been paid, and could become available later that day or the following day.

Step 4. Complete the booking form online, ensuring that you read and understand the indemnity waiver.

Step 5. The booking will be held by Single Parent Adventures until payment of the required non refundable deposit, which will be 30% of the total booking fee. The deposit must be received within 24 hours of the booking request, failure to do so will see the booking released and made available to the next request.

Step 6. The balance of the booking total (70%) will be due, payable, and funds cleared in the account of Single Parent Adventures 31 days before arrival date. In the event that payment is not received, the booking will be released and made available to the next request. It is also important to note that the booking deposit will be forfeited.

Assumption or risks and waiver of claims and indemnity release agreement

I am aware that adventure travel involves risks, dangers, and hazards including, but not limited to: accidents which occur during travel or transportation to and from the location, and for the duration of the adventure excursion; the participation in activities either during organised activities, or those undertaken by yourself; encounters with domestic or wild animals; negligence of other guests and negligence on the part of Single Parent Adventures including the failure by Single Parent Adventures to safeguard and protect me from the risks, dangers and hazards of adventure travel and related activities. I freely accept and fully assume all risks, dangers, and hazards associated with Single Parent Adventures adventure travel and related activities and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage, or loss resulting therefrom.
I hereby agree as follows:
1) To waive any and all claims that I have or may in the future have against Single Parent Adventures, its directors, 0fficers, employees, agents, guides, independent contractors, subcontractors, and representatives (all of whom are hereinafter referred to as the “releasees”) and to release the releasees from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense, or injury including death that I may suffer or that my next of kin may suffer as a result of my participation in Single Parent Adventures adventures and activities, due to any cause whatsoever
2) To hold harmless and indemnify the releasees from any and all liability for any property damage or personal injury to any third party resulting from my participation in the Single Parent Adventures activities.
3) That this Agreement shall be effecting and binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and assigns, in the event of my death.
4) That this Agreement shall be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Gauteng and any litigation involving the parties to this Agreement shall be brought within the Province of Gauteng. Knowing of the inherent risks and dangers involved, I certify that I am fully capable of participating in the type activity as more broadly explained in marketing material of Single Parent Adventures. I acknowledge that I will comply with instruction from the releasees for the duration of the adventure excursion and related activities. I voluntarily assume the risk inherent in taking part in Single Parent Adventures excursions and related activities. My general health is good and there is nothing which renders me unfit to undertake such adventure excursion and related activities.
With my signature I hereby acknowledge having accepted the terms and conditions that appear above.