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Single Parent Adventures aims to bring REAL benefits, and to ADD VALUE to the lives of single parents, and in our pursuit of this, we welcome any and all partners who believe they are able to provide our single parents with a product or service.

We have one request, and that is that before you offer a service or product, that you ensure that it is indeed equal to the best offer available in your market. If so, that’s fantastic, and please go ahead and complete the form below. Offers that are made exclusively for Single Parent Adventures members will be highlighted accordingly.

Once we have reviewed it, we will distribute the offer only to the single parents that have subscribed to our members section.

This is how it works.

There are two categories of products and services, and they are determined by whether or not Single Parent Adventures is required to; co-ordinate, purchase, or order the product/s or services and then to distribute the product/s or services to our members.

  1. Products and services which require Single Parent Adventures intervention in the distribution thereof, Single Parent Adventures will levy a 10% handling fee on its cost.
  2. Products and services which can be procured directly by our members will require a distribution fee of R500 per offer.

The frequency with which we distribute product is dependent on the nature and duration of the special offer.

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Please read and accept Single Parent Adventures Terms and Conditions, which are as follows;

1. Single Parent Adventures does not make any undertakings / warranties / assurances, that products or services will be accepted, decision to make offers available to members vests solely with Single Parent Adventures.
2. For products and services made available to members, which do not require any intervention from Single Parent Adventures, these are made without Single Parent Adventures accepting any liability whatsoever. Single Parent Adventures does not warranty payment of any offer. Product or service suppliers must ensure that their normal trading terms and conditions are communicated with members directly, upon request for any product or service.

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